Now I am certainly not of the lazy variety favoured by Bill Gates above, and having retired from my work as an engineer dating back to working at the "cutting edge" of digital technology in 1980, I can say I have lots of time on my hands to continue my interest in development, but now as a hobby and not a "day job".

But I am also "approachable" to entering "partnerships" to build specific Multi-Apps in which case I (or rather "We") operate as a Social Enterprise. We can be contacted at "contact at" but generally we would contact you if we saw a budding opportunity.

But the first task was to gather together all the items I have attempted so far and ironically it was the "Three Men in a Boat" folly application at top centre above which I had totally forgotten but which on reflection was the spark that ignited the 2015 Thames trip and all that was to follow.

You can SELECT most of these Multi-Apps in the Portfolio above, but it may be best to first read the "Some Examples" Blog above.