These two Multi-Apps are applications (to use the word correctly) of a system we developed in 2015 to satisfy the Google edict of "be mobile friendly or be dropped in our rankings". The Multi-App is a web based system that does not need complex RSD and especially does not need "App Stores" to be instantly available to all people with all devices (that use the web).

The application of the system to the Cotwold Way was one of the initial trials in 2015, mainly featuring Fly-Overs as the then emerging technology.

Now while the Cotswolds tend to be on the Bucket List of most folk, few by comparison in fact get to see the Cotswolds in all their splendour, or are content with a sterile one-day coach trip from London. In 2016 Google in conjuntion with Walk Unlimited attempted to remedy that situation taking some 20,000 Trekker (camera on a backpack) 360 deg Panoramas along the entire Cotswold Way (the 100 miles National Trail down the West escarpment of the Cotswolds).

And there it rested, forgetting that Google had already taken some 100,000 Streetview (camera on a car/trike) 360 deg Panoramas throughout the Cotswolds but nobody had "featured" these (as Google invites us to do) in an "app" etc for the benefit of prospective visitors (and ultimately of Google of course - essentially "for the benefit of all", for that is how the Google System works).

So while we waited for the Wardens to do the Trekker exercise we created cotswolds-in-the-car.com and included 149 Google Streetviews. That Multi-App takes up on the spirit of the Cotswold Way in NOT taking the shortest route but meandering "on the road less travelled", circumnavigating the AONB. It has the dual purpose of a stand-alone guide for car (or bike/cycle) travel while also being configured to provide the "getting there" logistics for the Cotswold Way sections and Circular Walks.

By June 2017 the Trekker blue lines joined with the Streetview blue lines on Google Maps (creating a huge haystack of blue lines) so we were able to create cotswolds-on-the-foot.com as the other "bookend" to complete the series (for the present at least, eg there is a need for Wheelchair Walks etc to be given the same treatment). So this site provides single point access to both Multi-Apps simply by selecting one or both above.

Our lastest innovation has been automatic SatNav for both, and while we have gone to some lengths to make these zig & zag along the meandering Cotswolds-in-the-Car routes, we also provide the direct route for those more interested in walking and keen to get to the start points ASAP of the Cotswolds-on-the-Foot Walks (see "Getting a Jump Start" above). And to that end the map above identifies the two motorways that allow quick access to the area as a whole from Heathrow/London if time is at a premium for overseas visitors.