Imagine driving along a very picturesque highway bordered on each side by very extensive State forests (each in a different State) whilst relaxing on a sundeck on the top of your car with a cup of coffee in your hand and travelling at around 6Km/hour so you can take in the scenery and the wildlife (without provoking the temper of other motorists) on a very smooth surface which moves calmly in your direction to reduce your fuel consumption.

The forest is dominated by massive, old River Red Gums that are punctuated by a variety of other vegetation types including irrigated farmlands. Every now and again you stop for an impromptu skinny dip or towards sunset you stand on a small deck in the setting sun and have a delightful hot shower.

Then at the end of each day (there are nine in total!) you pick a nice quiet spot to pull up on the verge and relax with a glass or two of wine whilst you prepare a wonderful dinner chosen from the variety of fresh food carried in the frig/freezer on board. The nine days sees you covering a total of 300Km and you arrive totally relaxed!