Although this App is mainly about The Cotswold Way it also includes an extra Walk to Bradford-on-Avon and 12 Circular Walks, plus the aspect of "getting there" is covered by the companion Multi-App cotswolds-in-the-car.com. So our chosen name is cotswolds-on-the-foot.com in the spirit of Cotswoldian hyphenation.

There are 15 official Walk Sections of the Cotswold Way covering just over 100 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath (and we have added Walk 16 Bath to Bradford-on-Avon). For clarity odd number Walks are shown in ORANGE and even number Walks are shown in RED on the map above and throughout the Multi-App once you Enter.

The 12 Circular Walks along the Cotswold Way are shown in GREEN throughout the Multi-App once you Enter, but are omitted above for clarity.

The BLUE line above (and throughout the Multi-App once you Enter) indicates the Cotswolds AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) Boundary, which is an Area "superimposed" over several English Counties.

This Multi-App ("an App that works on computers as well as mobile devices") provides a Guide to those considering a Cotswold Way Holiday, both at the planning stage and for "on the trail", or even simply a Virtual Tour from anywhere in the world for folk unable to "do the real thing".

The App provides a true Multi Media experience with a totally new style of Architecture (see above) using integrated Maps & Profiles augmented with Video Flyovers recorded in Google Earth at Hi-Low levels and Google Trekker 360 degree Panoramas and SatNav routes.

The Flyovers (see above) are rendered in the Southbound direction from Chipping Campden to Bath, however they can be played in reverse to assist those exploring the Cotswold Way in a Northbound direction. Similarly the Circular Walk Flyovers are both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The 270 Google Trekker (Streetview) Panoramas (see above) are spaced at an average of 500 yard intervals, providing "entry points" to explore the 50 or more Panoramas in each interval. A separate "Slide Show" (see above) gives easy access to all 270 Panoramas.

As Google has not as yet "Trekkered" the Circular Walks, the Panoramas are only shown for the official Cotswold Way Walks. This month (Dec 2017) the National Walks website has announced some minor "revisions/upgrades" to some of the Circular Walks. Rather than adding these changes now we will wait to see if the Google Trekker exercise is carried out on the Circular Walks as for the Cotswold Way.

As "future proofing" (but you may be able to use it already) the App provides automatic SatNav routing of the Cotswold Way Walks which also serves as type of "slide show preview" for the Panoramas (see above).

To fit all that into this single App the Cotswolds area is divided into Upper, Central & Lower Areas and you are welcome to access the site via the "Enter Multi-App" tab above.