Google has recently added Trekker (Camera on a backpack) to the familiar Streetview (camera on a car/trike) to allow Panos to be recorded in far more places and The National Trails of UK are on the "to-do list". Here is an article from The Guardian 7 March 2016:

“Millions of people use Google maps around the world,” said Anne Clark, managing director of Walk Unlimited and the brains behind the mapping project. “With the Google Trekker imagery, those people will be able to see exactly what the trails are like. Around a quarter of the people who complete a national trail are from outside the UK and that is bound to increase as people all over the world see how amazing our trails and our countryside are.”

But of course Google needs (and asks) "millions of people" to use social media, email and embedding to pass ON their discoveries by providing "Entry Points" into the "needle in a haystack" task of actually FINDING a desired location in Google maps. That is to say when a Trekker blue path is actually added to Google Maps it has exactly the same format as any existing Streetview blue paths.

The Multi-App provides an excellent vehicle by embedding the Panos into the Map/Video of the Walk. Trekker Panos are spaced at about 10 yards so we embed every 50th one. The viewer can either advance via the Google arrows or go to the Google Map and "look around" for more scenery or as the article says:

"There are many more benefits. For example, local businesses can highlight places to stay or eat on the maps, and people with impaired mobility can check whether a specific stretch of a trail is suitable for them."